The result of having an outstanding team of professionals, a high-performance organization and best-practice processes, is a portfolio of world-class technology products and services for Bunch CareSolutions clients.


Citadel is a proprietary business application designed for both case management as well as bill review activities. Nurses are able to document case activity and view communications between Bunch CareSolutions, its clients and partners regarding the case. It facilitates several bill review processes, including linking bills to claims, quality review as well as final approval before payment recommendations.


MedNet is a proprietary, web-based application designed for claims adjusters to review and adjudicate bills in which Bunch CareSolutions’ bill review does not have prior authorization. It also allows clients to access claim information such as medical records, bills, nurse notes, and other supporting documentation.

MedNet provides real time web access to digital images of all medical bill, case management and utilization review documents. It provides access to nurse notes, giving an employer’s risk management team and claims adjusters the ability to review all medical bills and communicate claim level information directly to our team of bill review professionals. Adjusters can track bills in the system and view a medical bill’s progress all the way to payment. MedNet makes claims management extremely efficient and effective.


ProviderNet is a proprietary web-based application designed for clients to search for providers in their networks. PPO redirecting and channeling are key components of our network management services. Bunch CareSolutions helps clients increase network penetration and savings through this online provider directory. Nurse case managers use this channeling tool to direct employees to preferred providers using employer-specific PPO directories and panels. Access to multiple networks can be consolidated through ProviderNet.


PartnerNet is a proprietary web-based application designed for posting documentation to be shared between partners and clients. Shared location that serves a repository for critical program information to be distributed to stakeholders. A single location to house program specific information that is available to key constituents enhances claims communications. For example, some of our clients house job site analyses and light duty accomodations within this secure portal.