Using our proprietary technology, Citadel, Bunch CareSolutions has been delivering innovative solutions in the workers’ compensation industry year after year. At the core of our .NET technology platform is a unique library of reusable workers’ compensation-related objects, robust and secured databases and state-of-the-art hardware components. Combining all of these elements with our experienced professionals, offers clients the fastest turnaround times in the delivery of customized solutions and program implementations.

Our systems include constantly evolving technology for less paper, more compatible EDI integration, faster decision-making and comprehensive reporting capabilities. We offer flexibility, stability and the scalability with our information technology platforms. As a result, we are proactively meeting the evolving technology needs of some of the nation’s largest and geographically diverse employers in the nation. Employers chose our high-tech, high-touch approach to managed care because it produces best-in-class results with direct savings to your bottom line.

Business-to-Business Innovation

Bunch CareSolutions can send and receive data in any format with encryption and redundancy in our systems to ensure peace of mind. Our flexibility, capacity for integration and ability to exchange data electronically with clients, networks and business partners are unsurpassed.

Business Intelligence

With the power and flexibility of Bunch CareSolutions’ reporting resources, our Business Intelligence Group can perform comprehensive data analyses, giving employers conclusive and granular information needed to make strategic decisions regarding their workers’ compensation programs.

Client-Driven Technology Solutions

Bunch CareSolutions is more than a managed care company. We are a solutions company with the expertise and resources required to solve even the most unique workers’ compensation challenges. Our integrated bill review and case management system serves as the warehouse for all core case information. Providing seamless integration with the bill re-pricing application, we offer transparent service delivery and optimized outcomes through our multi-faceted delivery platform.