The management and coordination of network services is fundamental to an employer’s overall program. To ensure every nuance of an injured employee’s claim is handled expeditiously and effectively, all network and vendor partnerships are managed internally by the Bunch CareSolutions partner relations team.

Our partner relations team is responsible for customizing PPO and specialty network alignments, providing annual and ongoing evaluation of network performance, building and strengthening high-quality vendor partnerships, implementing third-party services with clients, integrating multiple services and systems seamlessly, as well as optimizing vendor utilization and issue resolution for PPO, specialty and ancillary service providers. Additionally, this team manages CONNECT, our outcomes-based provider decision support tool and oversees worksite injury panel development and distribution. 

PPO redirecting and channeling are key components of Bunch CareSolutions’ network management services. We help clients increase network penetration and savings through retrospective re-pricing contracts with various networks, ProviderNet (online provider directory), panel production, ongoing PPO and specialty network analyses. Moreover, we develop key performance indicators to measure and influence network penetration and increase cost savings. In states that allow employer direction of care, network penetration also measures the effectiveness our nurse case management services.