Outcomes-Based Providers

CONNECT™, is Bunch CareSolutions’ national outcomes-based provider solution. As a robust validation tool, CONNECT carves out best-in-class workers’ compensation providers who consistently demonstrate superior outcomes in quality of care, service expediency and cost containment.

To identify top-performing medical practitioners, CONNECT systematically profiles all providers in its database and ranks them according to clinical and financial metrics. The strategic focus of CONNECT is on identifying high quality clinicians who consistently achieve optimal return-to-work results. CONNECT also enhances medical management workflows by ensuring the right provider is accessed at the right time.

CONNECT integrates seamlessly with a client’s PPO and specialty network alignments to increase savings and minimize medical costs and network disruptions. Real-time access to CONNECT providers, using Bunch CareSolutions’ online directory and network management tools, places the best occupational primary care physicians and specialists in the hands of the adjuster, the employer and the nurse case manager to facilitate direction of care.

Results from an analysis of primary care and specialty CONNECT providers show that CONNECT providers significantly outperform their non-CONNECT counterparts. Based on a client study for claims in CA, FL, NC, NJ and SC, the results demonstrated:

  • Claims closed 36% faster
  • Primary care providers had 22% faster return to work metrics
  • Specialty providers achieved lower average paid and incurred costs for all diagnosis codes
  • Specialty providers achieved lower average paid and incurred costs for high cost surgical interventions