Bunch CareSolutions offers a cooperative approach to network and provider selection. We partner with multiple PPO and specialty networks to provide employers with the best possible network coverage by geographic location. Because we intentionally avoid ownership of any network, clients benefit from our philosophy—access to all, ownership of none. The decision to partner with a given broad-based PPO or specialty network is made solely on the value projected for the client’s program.

Client-specific network alignments are customized on a state-by-state basis with established PPO entities who offer maximum coverage, value and quality. Our partner relations team is well-versed in the alignment of robust, high quality medical providers dedicated to providing the best possible care and workers’ compensation outcomes.

Our customized network strategy includes:

  • Customized alignments by geographic location
  • Utilization of multiple network partners
  • CONNECT™, our outcomes-based provider identification tool
  • MPN, HCN, MCO/MCA administration
  • Tailorable specialty network alignments
  • Annual analysis of network performance
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Worksite injury panel development and maintenance
  • Web portal access to provider directories