Services for Texas and Oklahoma Nonsubscribers

Bunch CareSolutions offers medical bill review services, panel generation and maintenance, and clinical services, including telephonic case management, for nonsubscribers in Texas and Oklahoma. 

Medical Bill Review

For both Texas and Oklahoma nonsubscribers, our integrated bill review program is able to identify bills based on date of injury and route them to the appropriate network for PPO discounts. For nonsubscriber clients previously enrolled in a Texas HCN, Bunch CareSolutions has the ability to filter bills with applicable dates of injury and submit them to the HCN for proper discounting and payment.   


Bunch CareSolutions also manages initial injury provider panels for Texas and Oklahoma nonsubscribers. As a quick reference tool for worksite managers, panels provide easy access to network providers in close proximity to the injured worker.

Telephonic Case Management

Bunch CareSolutions also provides medical case management for Texas and Oklahoma injury benefit programs. Our telephonic case management model focuses on early intervention and effective communication to achieve optimal return-to-work and financial outcomes. We align our clinical resources geographically to ensure employers and their injured employees work with registered nurses who are jurisdictional experts and understand the requirements and nuances associated with nonsubscriber injury benefit plans.