When an employee is injured or has an accident on the job, immediate access to expert medical advice is extremely valuable. Our Nurse First Response (NFR®) injury triage hotline provides nursing expertise within minutes of a workplace injury.

With NFR, a registered nurse is immediately available by phone to assess the injured employee’s clinical needs and provide recommendations to make sure the employee receives the appropriate direction of care.

Our NFR nurses have jurisdictional expertise and workers’ compensation injury management experience. Using proprietary technology and symptom-driven clinical decision protocols, our NFR nurses direct injured employees to the right level of care, at the right time, with the right provider.

Our NFR solution is fully customizable and can be implemented for specific injury types or particular employer locations. Regardless of the method, there are multiple benefits that can be derived from the service, including:

  • Claim containment/elimination
  • Avoid unnecessary emergency room utilization
  • Channeling to preferred providers
  • Patient advocacy and employer goodwill

 NFR® is a registered trademark of Bunch CareSolutions.