At Bunch CareSolutions, we believe telephonic nurse case management is an efficient and cost effective way to resolve the vast majority of workers’ compensation cases. Yet, we also understand the need for field case management services.

Because we recognize the value of personal visits with critically injured employees and their treating providers, Bunch CareSolutions has established a national field case management model to enhance return to work and maximum medical improvement outcomes on these high-risk claims.

As patient advocates, our field case managers provide on-site support to assist with the quick and effective resolution of challenging and catastrophic claims. Highly skilled clinicians:

  • Coordinate and expedite medical care
  • Promote early, medically appropriate return to work
  • Facilitate communication with physician, injured employee, employer and claims examiner
  • Identify barriers to treatment, recovery and return to work
  • Negotiate lower fees for services, equipment, supplies and medication
  • Prevent unnecessary medical treatment or services
  • Identify non-compensable treatment or services for claims examiners
  • Accelerate claim resolution

Our field case management services are provided by Bunch CareSolutions case managers and vocational rehabilitation specialists located throughout the country. We also contract with a national network of highly experienced workers’ compensation affiliates to make sure our referral sources always have access to field case managers who can support their needs on catastrophic claims.

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